Body Beast Progress!

7865_400788220020729_979018762_nI’m so excited to tell you all about my Body Beast progress! I must say, I am loving this program! The results I’m seeing are just astounding! I am currently in the “bulk” phase of the program which is the second phase of three phases. The first phase, the “build” phase, was for three weeks. I’ve just started my third week of the five week long bulk phase and will continue on to “Beast” phase for the last five weeks.

In the “Build” and “Bulk” phases, you are required to eat a surplus of calories to help your body along in the muscle building process. I have been following the nutrition plan to a tee in hopes of maximizing my results in the end. I have been weary of putting on weight eating over 2,000 calories a day consisting of 50% carbs/25% protein/25% fats, and have been watching the scale. It’s a scary thing when you have lost almost 130 pounds. The thought of putting any of it back on after working so hard is just scary in the thought itself. I’ve thought, “What if I put the weight on and it doesn’t come back off?” The thought lingers still everyday, but even still, I’m sticking with the program as it’s written.

So far, the scale just keeps moving up and down between the same three pounds, but I have built up a great amount of muscle (as you can see if the photo to the left. I have taken measurements and my waist is 1.5″ smaller than it was when I started, my arms are a 1/2″ smaller, my hips 3/4″ smaller, but my legs have stayed the same. I would say that’s a pretty big difference. Also notice the “wing” under my arm in the top photo. It has literally disappeared in just a short six weeks. That alone impresses me and keeps me motivated to keep moving forward! I absolutely hated that skin that would actually move back and forth whenever I picked my arm up. This just goes to show what the proper exercise can do for your body.

I will continue with Body Beast and will update again when I get into the “Beast” phase. In that phase, you drop your calories back down to a deficit for five weeks in hopes that the body fat comes off so that you can reveal all the amazing muscle you have spent the prior weeks building with all your hard work. This program is definitely no joke! If your in for a challenge, then you must try it. It is a lot of hard work, but it will pay off!

If your interested in trying Body Beast, you can contact me and I would be glad to coach you, motivate you, and keep you accountable along the way. You can click HERE to make a free Team Beachbody account by clicking “join”, and make me your free coach. You can also email me for more information at

Body Beast Progress!

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  1. I was happy to hear about losing the “wing” because I have to admit that is what scares me the most. I have a lot to lose and fear the “scary loose skin”. I did just read an article about how you don’t need plastic surgery to get rid of it. It was kind of saying what you are actually doing. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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