Calorie Shifting Busted Through my Plateau!

scaleI have been asked several times about calorie shifting so I thought I would blog about it. Calorie shifting is where you have a set number of calories for the week and you divide them up so that you have a high calorie day every three days or so. The other days would be your low calorie days. The idea is that it is supposed to trick your body and shock your metabolism. Your body gets used to doing the same things everyday such as taking in the exact same foods or calories, the same exercise regimen, etc. Calorie shifting has worked out great because I don’t ever feel hungry. I also get to look forward to every Wednesday and Saturday where I have 300 extra calories. I was really worried before starting this because I didn’t want to be filling my extra calories with non-healthy foods, but I have done very well keeping that limited. I would say I have stayed at about 95% whole foods which is great. Today is Wednesday so it’s a higher calorie day for me. I have 1,894 calories to take in. I have already planned out my entire day and even get to enjoy some dark chocolate at the end of the day.

I started calorie shifting on January 21st after being stuck in a plateau for a month. The scale kept going up and down between the same three numbers. It was extremely frustrating. I was down 93 pounds and could not break it. I started researching plateaus and how to break them on the Internet and that’s how I discovered this. It took until the beginning of this week (only two weeks since starting) the see a change and now the numbers on the scale are coming down again. I’m down 2 pounds in 6 days! I’m thrilled! 100 pounds gone is so close now, I could feel it! As of today, I have lost 95.2 pounds since May 2, 2012.

If you would like to get your calorie shifting plan, you can plug in your information on the same website I used and it will give you an exact plan to follow Monday-Sunday. You don’t have to start on Monday, of course. You can start today and just plug the amounts into the notes section of whatever calorie counting app your using. I use My Fitness Pal and add my goal to the “Food Notes” section and then just ignore whatever MFP tells me my goal is. It has worked well for me this way.

Here is the link to the site:

After you input your information, you will see an option for “zig-zag calories”. Just click on it and it will give you your schedule. I hope this helps someone to get past their stubborn plateau whether you still have weight to lose or are trying to build muscle and bring down your body fat percentage.

Calorie Shifting Busted Through my Plateau!

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