Did I Have Surgery?

Did I have Surgery to Lose the Weight?

So, my transformation was shared today on FaceBook on a very popular weight loss page with a lot of followers. I love when others share my photos because it makes me feel great to think that they thought there was value in my photos enough to post on their personal FanPage.  I was just looking through some of the “shares” from this page of my photo. I’m really insulted by some of the comments. Especially, one that said I was leaving something out of my story. That I must have had a lap band surgery, etc. This person said that adding 147 pounds to the person in the “slim pic” would not give her the woman in the previous pic. I just really want to make it clear that I do NOT believe in surgeries to lose weight unless there is an underlying medical issue and weight loss can not be had purely by changing one’s lifestyle. I understand there are some instances where surgery is completely necessary, but learning to change your lifestyle along the way is also completely necessary. I have said a million times that I have not had surgery. It is the complete and honest truth. I don’t like surgeries. They scare me! I was determined to do this on my own through lots of hard work. Sometimes, misery brings on motivation and that’s exactly what happened in my situation. I woke up one morning and decided I was sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED. That is all it took for me! I knew if I would had kept on the same track I was going, I may not even be alive right now. The weight just kept coming and coming and there was no way around it other than to do something about it. I had swollen ankles, horrible Rosacea on my face, back pain every single day, creaking knees just going up and down the stairs in my own home, and several times experienced shortness of breath. It was a wake up call when the shortness of breath was so bad one day that I didn’t think I was going to be able to catch my breath again.

Of course the above comment was not found on my page, but I was able to see it through shares because someone didn’t have their privacy settings on. I almost wish I hadn’t seen it since it is really insulting to me. She also referred to me as “slim”. I am hardly “slim”. I prefer healthy, fit, strong, or the like, at this point. I work extremely hard to maintain what I have achieved and don’t ever want to be “slim” or “skinny”. Those two words are not in my vocabulary. I have always been completely honest with anyone who has asked me about my journey and what I did to get to where I am today. I have left nothing out…EVER. I started my FaceBook FanPage, and my Blog, not just for me, but to motivate and inspire others around the world. Both of these outlets have been a blessing to me throughout this entire journey. It has kept me accountable to myself, as well as to everyone else. Both have motivated me to turn my weight loss journey into a career. I love the feeling I get every single day because I have helped just a bit to change someone else’s life, if it be through my FaceBook FanPage, my website, my job, or in any other way.

Here is the photo that was shared on FaceBook.  I would hope that it is motivating and inspiring for the majority of people who see it. We can’t always assume that because someone lost weight, they had surgery. This is not always the case in every situation, including mine. There is a lot to be said for PURE HARD WORK and DEDICATION! This is exactly how I got where I am today.


Did I Have Surgery?

2 thoughts on “Did I Have Surgery?

  1. Oh no no no. That is definitely your before picture. Same eyes, same smile. I used to draw portraits and I still pay attention to faces. That person was not very observant, were they? You have done AWESOMELY by the way. 🙂

  2. I would be insulted too. And I certainly don’t have thick enough skin to think about this correctly if it were myself. But, on the outside looking in, it’s gotta say something that people think this is so amazing that it isn’t possible. I hope people that need to be motivated will believe it is though too of course. I totally believe it. I know 2 people (irl) that have lost over 150lbs in this last year. Good for you! Found you via 1/2 Size Me, enjoyed your interview.

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