Author: Pamela

The Top 5 Weight-loss Myths CRUSHED!

Don’t believe everything you read or see on the Internet, especially when it comes to weight-loss! Where do most of us go when we want to get the latest information on weight-loss? I bet you already answered that….. Yep…. THE INTERNET! It seems this is where most of us go when we want accurate information […]

Kayla’s Testimonial is Inspiring!

Kayla’s Testimonial is one that brings joy to me knowing that I am changing other’s lives. I’ve been working with Kayla for a few months now. She has made such amazing progress and make me more proud of her every single day. Read Kayla’s testimonial below: “I had hit rock bottom and thought, “Well, I will […]

Client Testimony by J.

Here is another wonderful client testimony. I’ve used initials instead of names because client privacy is very important to me. Dear Pamela, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reached out to you for coaching. All I knew is that because of where you have been, you could definitely help me. I was so […]

Did I Have Surgery?

Did I have Surgery to Lose the Weight? So, my transformation was shared today on FaceBook on a very popular weight loss page with a lot of followers. I love when others share my photos because it makes me feel great to think that they thought there was value in my photos enough to post […]

Everyday Health & Wellness Conference

So this weekend, I ventured off to Fairfax, Virginia to the Everyday Health & Wellness Conference. It was a weekend full of fun and learning. I was able to bring Leanna with me (my eleven year old daughter) and so we had some wonderful, much needed mommy/daughter quality time. I have four children and I […]

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