Everyday Health & Wellness Conference

So this weekend, I ventured off to Fairfax, Virginia to the Everyday Health & Wellness Conference. It was a weekend full of fun and learning. I was able to bring Leanna with me (my eleven year old daughter) and so we had some wonderful, much needed mommy/daughter quality time. I have four children and I think it’s important to give each and every one of them their own time.

We left very early Friday morning and it took seven hours to get there. We didn’t even stop once and made excellent time. We were in Fairfax, VA by 1:00 p.m. We then decided to find a place for lunch. Being out of town and trying to find healthful options is sometimes very difficult. I gave Leanna the choice of where she wanted to eat. I told her we can go anywhere she wanted, that it was a special weekend for just the two of us, and I was willing to splurge on my normal everyday nutrition. To my surprise, she begged for Jason’s Deli! So, I drove all the way out of the way from where our hotel was going to be to find the closest Jason’s Deli. I’m so proud of her. She wanted to eat a healthy meal out of all the choices she had.

1623588_469594796473404_673024990_nThen, we decided to do what every girl wants to do when they get to a new town and they have a bit of time to kill! What, you ask? Go shopping, of course! We were off to find the nearest mall in Fairfax. Of course, I didn’t get anything for myself, but ended up getting Leanna a few accessories in Forever 21. Here she is in her hat she picked out that says, “Swag”. This hat got way too much attention while we were out and about! Mostly, by teen girls that thought it was was super cool and were high-fiving my her. LOL

20140302_153122We finished up our shopping and went to check into our hotel after making some reservations at Seasons 52 for dinner. We arrived in the hotel room and Leanna thought it was the coolest thing that they had cheese and sparkling water waiting for her with a note from the General Manager with my name on it.

1974560_10203187066667846_919611485_nWe put our things in the hotel room after checking in and got ready to go have a special dinner at Season’s 52. Here we are in the elevator at the hotel off to dinner.

20140228_182948We made our way to the mall where the restaurant was and what do we see as we are approaching? An American Girl store. Oh gosh! Leanna’s face lit up and she was so excited. I found myself rushing through dinner just so I could run down to the other end of the mall so she could visit the American Girl store before they closed at 9:00. We get to the store and, of course, she runs right to the doll she’s been wanting since it was announced at Christmas time. Of course, I couldn’t disappoint her so I told her to grab the doll and go to the register. The look of astonishment on her face was priceless.


1902788_469696886463195_1050505017_nAfter a visit to the American Girl store, we went for ice cream. I haven’t had Coldstone Creamery in almost two years so this was a TREAT! Everything in moderation, right? It was absolutely delicious, and I’ll probably not see another Coldstone for a very long time which made me enjoy it just that much more. It’s always okay to treat ourselves every so often, but the important thing is that we know how to get back on track.

Then, we went back to the hotel to get a good night’s rest before the conference in the morning, battling D.C. traffic. I will say this is a place I would never want to live. The traffic was enough to make me a crazy person! LOL

So, now it’s Saturday morning, the day of the conference. We woke up at 6:00 a.m. with the courtesy of a request wake-up call. I didn’t want to depend on my phone alarm that may malfunction, as it sometimes does and cause us to be late.

The conference was such a great experience. I learned so much in such a short time. Andy CoreĀ  was so motivational and such a great public speaker. He has just written a book called, “Change Your Day, Not Your Life! It’s available on Amazon for pre-order. I’m not sure of the exact release date though. I absolutely love the title of this book. Since I have left the conference, I have used this saying with each of my clients and told them about my conference experience. It is so true that when you are striving to change your lifestyle, you should “change your day, not your life”. It’s all about making one small change at a time, day by day, and not getting to focused on looking too far ahead.

index1621893_1443612225875245_1781628016_nFoodbabe was also one of the speakers at the Everyday Health & Wellness Conference. She spoke about her life growing up, how she always ate a lot of fast food as a child into her teens, and how that led to what she does today. I always assumed that she had always eaten healthy considering where she is today, but she is just like many of us. She just decided to change her lifestyle and is working to change the world, one fast food chain at a time!




1979733_1443614259208375_788179404_n The Everyday Health & Wellness Conference was a fantastic experience. I look forward to attending more conferences and learning so much more in the future.



Everyday Health & Wellness Conference

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