“How Do I Make the Commitment to Becoming Healthier?”

I’m writing this blog post because I have talked to so many woman in the last few days who are struggling with getting to where they need to be mentally to attain the goal of weight loss, health, and getting fit.

If this is you, sit down and think of something that you have committed to in the past and stuck with. It can be absolutely anything. It can involve striving towards a big goal such as getting a college degree or something small such as completing a book you have always wanted to read.

Next, how did you go about getting your mindset to the point that you were going to stay committed and reach that goal? There may had been other things you had to put aside until a later date to completely commit yourself and achieve said goal. There were probably hurdles along the way if it was a rather big goal.

What did you do to get past those hurdles that got in the way of you achieving this goal? Take the time to think long and hard about this because all of these ideas can be used as well when trying to commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

Being committed to something takes work just like anything else. It requires work to sit down and eat something unhealthy just as it would take work to eat something that is healthy.  It requires work to sit down and put all your efforts into defeating a video game or getting a top score, just as it takes effort to spend 30 minutes per day being more physically active.

Life is about CHIOCE. You need to want something with your entire heart and soul to make that initial commitment. You need to have the power within you to retrain your brain to think differently.

I’ve heard it so many times over the past few days, “Where do I start”?  You can start by making small goals and write these goals down on a piece of paper, save them on your computer, or type them into your notepad on your iPhone (which is always helpful to me when an idea pops into my head whether it be a new goal, an idea for my blog, a recipe, etc.); whichever is more convenient for you. You can even post them onto the front of your refrigerator right next to a picture of yourself! Say you need to lose 100 pounds and your starting weight is 265 pounds. In the beginning when the weight is going to come off at a faster pace, you can start by breaking the weight loss goals down to every 20 pounds until you reach your target goal of 100 pounds. When you reach the first 20 pound goal, have a reward listed along with it. I have rewarded myself many times with many different things. The first 20 pounds may have been a trip to TCBY with my family to treat myself with some frozen yogurt for all my hard work. Another goal would had been new workout clothes (since you will definitely need these after every 20 pounds).  When I reached my first huge goal of losing 100 pounds, my husband took me to Pandora and bought me an inspirational bracelet. When I reached 115 pounds lost, he bought me the matching earrings. I love both pieces, but the bracelet is a reminder of where I came from, how much I have achieved, and to never give up!

Just to give you an idea, your goals might look something like this:

245 pounds by September 20th, Reward Trip to TCBY
225 pounds by November 20th, Reward: New Fitness Equipment
205 pounds by January 20th, Reward: New Workout clothes
195 pounds by March 20th, Reward: Vacation with my Family
185 pounds by May 20th, Reward: Pandora Inspirational Bracelet
175 pounds by July 20th, Reward: Vacation with my Family to the Beach

Picturing the final goal in your mind is wonderful and required to take that first step towards committing, but you also need to start with a lot of small goals until you reach the final goal. This will help you to stay on track. Think about it. You have a lot of weight you may want to lose, right? How long did it take you to put that weight on? It didn’t happen overnight. It probably happened over a few years. I’m not saying its going to take a few years to lose the weight; I’m just saying it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s going to take some time and you will definitely run into hurdles. It’s all about getting past those hurdles and moving forward. It’s important to remember that this is NOT a DIET! DIETS don’t work! They are temporary. You are making a lifestyle change which takes much more commitment than a diet.

I DID THIS and I’m still moving forward. I will never stop moving forward on this journey to becoming a better, healthier me with a lot more confidence than I had before. I feel like I can take on the world now; a feeling I would had never known. A feeling that only comes from such a huge accomplishment. My motivation comes from the wonderful community on My Fitness Pal, the community of people I have met through Facebook, family, and friends.

I hope that this blog post reaches the right people who just needed to read this today. Living a healthier lifestyle is completely mental and it takes work, not just initially committing to achieve your goals, but getting your mind in the right place mentally.


Here is an awesome certificate you can print out to remind you to continue on this journey.


“How Do I Make the Commitment to Becoming Healthier?”

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