Client Testimonial by Kim

This is a client testimonial from Kim. I’ve been working with Kim for about three months, but met her long ago through one of my online fitness outlets that I frequent. I believe it was My Fitness Pal.

Kim’s Testimony:

I have known Pam for about 7 months now, not sure how we initially connected think it might have been on My Fitness Pal. Over the course of these past months, Pam has been an excellent resource of information for me, doesn’t matter if it was a diet or exercise question I’ve had, she takes the time to have a well-composed answer. Pam is always so generous with her time and knowledge. We have only been working together in an official capacity for a short time, but I am highly impressed with her professionalism and organization. My first week working with Pam and following her plan I lost 2.2 lbs dropping to my lowest weight in years. Pam has the knowledge and the first hand experience to help anyone succeed!

Client Testimonial by Kim

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