BodyBeast by BeachBody – My workout for the next 90 days!

ImageSo, about a week ago, I started BodyBeast by BeachBody. I was at a plateau in my fitness journey and needed something to bump me out of it.  I had done so much cardio over the past three months that I think I overexhausted my body on cardio. I became addicted to spinning and Zumba and was at the Y everyday for sometimes what would end up being 2 hours of just cardio.

This program comes with a full nutrition guide to follow, as well as DVDs and an exact schedule. I am following the nutrition guide to a tee and even eating in excess of 2,000 calories some days. I am sticking to 25% protein/50% carbs/25% fats for the first three weeks of what is referred to as the “build phase”. The idea is that you need food, not just any food, but clean healthy foods, to build the muscle. I am currently on Week 2, Day 6 tomorrow. The scale is still going up and down, but there is definite change in my body composition and my waist is now 1″ smaller. I am loving eating clean and I wish I would had started this long ago. You see, I thought my body needed to have the sugary treat every so often to keep me satisfied, otherwise I would crash and burn. Since going 95% clean (I do still eat beans that come from a can which aren’t really considered a clean food in my eyes), I feel completely different and I don’t even crave anything with sugar in it. The program also suggests that you completely give up coffee and creamers which I also did. This was the hardest part for me. I am one of those that frequent Starbucks EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 🙂 Now that I have given it up, I don’t want it. I must say I am totally proud of myself! Now, if I need a drink, it’s water ONLY. I always drank a lot of water and have been a complete stickler about making sure I get at least 8 oz./day. Since giving up coffee, my water intake has increased which is wonderful.

I will also say that I am completely loving this program! It will kick your butt for sure! Oh, and there is a cardio day scheduled in once each week in the “build phase”. The first time I looked at it, I was like, “I can’t do THAT!” Haha! Guess what! I finished the entire thing! I even did the pylo-push-ups for 30 seconds!! You are supposed to do them for one minute, but I’m proud I made it through 30 seconds. It’s definitely a cardio workout like no other I have ever done. I wouldn’t even really consider it cardio. There are squats, lunges, pylo-push-ups, squats w/ overhead presses, etc. Then, after you finish that, there is a very intense ab workout scheduled on the same day that takes about 10 minutes to complete. I am going to stick to this program for the entire 90 days and will definitely post my results. I do already see change and I’m only on week 2.

Here are a couple photos of before and now. In this one I can see a change where my deltoid (shoulder muscle) meets my bicep in the below picture which is the “now” picture. I see much more definition in that area.


In this next one (the left is before and right is now), I’m not sure still, but I think I see more definition in my shoulder as well as my tricep. Time will tell!


BodyBeast by BeachBody – My workout for the next 90 days!

3 thoughts on “BodyBeast by BeachBody – My workout for the next 90 days!

    1. I’m getting great results! This morning, the scale was down 3 pounds in 3 weeks. I am also 1 1/3″ down on my waist. I see a lot of new muscle definition in new pictures as well. Best of all, I’m loving it!

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