Do You Plank?

Do you plank? If not, you should! There are so many fitness benefits to planking.

*it helps to develop core strength so you can power through regular everyday activities
*supports improvement in posture (which most all of us need to work on)
*improves your stability
*increases your overall body strength
*increases strength in your lower back decreasing risk of injury as well as everyday back pain
*it’s a fantastic ab workout

Try to start doing just what you can even if that may be only 15 seconds at a time. Try to repeat it three times over. Each day you will see progression and should be able to hold it for longer as you increase your overall core strength. I have been planking from the very beginning even if I could only hold for 10 seconds at almost 300 pounds. I can now hold it for up to four minutes depending on the day and do them often. I have alleviated all back pain I once had and now have a very strong core, upper, and lower body. As you move on and can progress to longer hold times or more reps, you can move on to side planks, lift an arm or foot (leg), or even add resistance (which I do often).

Rule of Thumb for Planking:

Do not let your hips sag or drop too low. Your body should remain neutral. Look down to the ground with a neutral neck position. Elbows should be placed directly beneath your shoulders. And, always remember, like with any exercise, to FEEL the work your doing. Activate your core and your glutes.


Do You Plank?

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