Weight Loss Coaching



  • Are you struggling to find yourself?
  • Do you desperately want to lose weight?
  • Have you been obese your entire life and sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you need that “kick in the pants” to get started on your weight loss journey?
  • Are you feeling completely lost and don’t know where else to turn?
  • Are you lacking family or social support within your surrounding environment?


Then you have come to the right place!

Who Do I Coach?

*Women who have a significant amount of weight to lose, whether it be from an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle or your post-baby pounds (*for post-baby pounds, you must be 6 weeks postpartum and have a release from your doctor*)

*You are struggling with emotional eating type behaviors due to regular everyday life’s induced stress

*You have tried dieting and it hasn’t worked. You always seem to put the weight back on because you feel as though you have “failed”, and so you sabotage yourself in the end.

*You have decided that your tired of being sick and tired. You are ready to embrace a new lifestyle when given all the tools and ready to move forward onto a new and improved version of your already wonderful self!

If you feel as though I described you above, please take advantage of this, as it will greatly impact you in a positive way; emotionally and physically. When we feel great on the inside, it’s only natural that we start to feel better on the outside.

  • Are you ready to put in the work it takes to see changes within yourself?
  • Are you done spending money on quick-fixes and fad diets that just don’t work?
  • Do you just need a bit of guidance, support, or knowledge on where and how to start?

I can offer you all those things and the tools you need to succeed in just a few short weeks.

What you will receive when you sign up with me as your coach:

  • One Initial Consultation so that I can get to know you better.
  • 45-minute coaching sessions via Skype/FaceTime or the telephone (whichever you prefer)
  • A Detailed Summary sent via email of our coaching calls
  • Unlimited support via Email or Texting
  • Nutrition Support (I can not write you a detailed nutrition plan as it is out of my scope of practice, but can and will offer assistance, ideas, and support).
  • Continuous goal setting and reevaluation of your goals as we move forward

I hope I can be the one to help you move forward on your journey to weight loss success! I know it can be done as I am living proof! I spent my entire life being obese, or even morbidly obese. I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough! It was a viscous cycle that was getting worse, as days went on. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk up a small hill just a few steps without feeling out of breath. It had gotten so bad that I, at one time, thought I’d have to be transported to the hospital because I couldn’t catch my breath after walking a few steps up inclined pavement. My back always hurt and my feet and lower legs were constantly swollen. I was sick of spending my days feeling miserable, feeling depressed, and not functioning as a normal human being.

We should all feel happy within ourselves on the inside, as well as the outside. We should all have a feeling of happiness that exudes in our everyday communication with others. This, in itself, is something that attracts others to us. It’s the energy you release from within that influences others to want to surround you. This is a feeling that some have never felt. I have been on both sides of the spectrum and I am here to tell you….It’s DEFINITELY something everyone wants to experience!

Let me guide you in finding this energy within yourself that you have been missing out on for years. Don’t let another day go by feeling as though you don’t deserve to feel this way, because YOU DO! Everyone does!

Contact me TODAY because you deserve it!

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Weight Loss Coaching

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